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Sea turtles training course in Casamance

Sea turtles characteristics and conservation training course, using SWOT Report in Casamance (Senegal)

The Casamance coastline in southern senegal is an area where mangroves, tropical forest, marine islands, and beaches combine to form a unique ecosystem mosaic of high natural value. For the past 30 years, an armed secessionist conflict has prevented these natural wonders from being well explored, researched, and documented. However, in 2008, with support from the university of salamanca, Fundación tierra ibérica was able to conduct a study of the coastal zone from the gambia to the Casamance river. the study revealed the presence of several marine turtle species that are being threatened by incidental and intentional capture by artisanal fishermen, and it recommended implementing a sea turtle education program for natural resource managers and partner organizations.

A 2009 SWOT Outreach grant helped support Fundación tierra ibérica’s sea turtle training course in the town of Kafountine, where the main artisanal fishing port is located.

During the course, more than 20 people from different government and private institutions made presentations and were provided SWOT Reports and other materials on sea turtle biology, threats, and management and research techniques. the course concluded with a visit to the fishing port to directly engage local fishermen.

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SWOTAssociation Sénégalaise des Amis de la Nature (ASAN)Direction des Parcs Nationaux du Sénégal


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